Research & Publications

The simulation of quantum mechanics is a difficult computational problem, especially when concerning systems with a large number of degrees of freedom. However, this difficulty may be overcome by using some tunable quantum system to study another less controllable or accessible quantum system, i.e., quantum simulation. Nowadays quantum simulation is an exceptionally vivid field of research embracing several areas of physics, ranging from atomic, molecular, and optical physics, to condensed-matter, nuclear, gravitational and high-energy physics, as well as quantum information science. Advances in the quantum optical manipulation of atoms, molecules and solid-state devices have enabled the realization of experimental platforms whose exquisite control permits systematic investigations of complex many-body phenomena and their potential applications. Current progress continues to generate new challenges for experiments as well as for the theoretical description and conceptualization of such synthetic many-body systems. We are interested in the characterization of these quantum systems for fundamental research in quantum simulation as well as for their applications to quantum technological devices.

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Strongly Interacting Many-Body Systems

Exotic Phases With Bose-Einstein Condensates

Quantum Metrology and Sensing

Simulation of Relativistic Field Theories

Scientific Collaborations

  • Prof. Immanuel Bloch - MPQ, Garching, Germany
    Experimental quantum many-body physics
  • Prof. Antoine Browaeys - Laboratoire Charles Fabry, Palaiseaux, France
    Experimental physics on Rydberg atoms
  • Prof. Luciano Casarini - UFS, Sergipe, Brazil
    Numerical methods and Machine learning
  • Dr. Fabio Cinti - NITheP, Stellenbosch, South Africa
    Quantum Monte Carlo
  • Prof. Marco Giampaolo - Ruđer Bošković Institute, Zagreb, Croatia
    Ultracold atoms, Quantum information, Quantum spin chains
  • Prof. Markus Hennrich - Stockholm University, Sweden
    Experimental Many-body physics with Rydberg ions
  • Prof. Robin Kaiser - University of Nice, Nice, France
    Experimental nonlinear optics and many-body physics
  • Prof. Márcio Miranda - UFPE, Recife, Brazil
    Experimental AMO physics
  • Prof. Cristiane Morais Smith - Utretch University, Netherlands
    Quantum simulation, Ultracold atoms
  • Prof. Leandro Nascimento - UFPA, Belém, Brazil
    Quantum simulation, Quantum field theory
  • Prof. Simone Paganelli - University of L'Aquila, L'Aquila, Italy
    Quantum communication and many-body physics
  • Prof. Thomas Pohl - MPI-PKS, Dresden, Germany
    Rydberg atoms
  • Prof. Guido Pupillo - ISIS, Strasbourg, France
    Rydberg atoms, Quantum simulation
  • Prof. Luca Salasnich - UniPd, Padova, Italy
    Ultracold atoms, Dipolar systems
  • Prof. Van Sérgio da Silva Alves - UFPA, Belém, Brazil
    Quantum field theory
  • Prof. Augusto Smerzi - QSTAR, Florence, Italy
    Entanglement, Quantum interferometry
  • Dr. Andrea Trombettoni - CNR, Trieste, Italy
    Ultracold atoms, Quantum simulation

Local collaborations

  • Prof. Askery Canabarro - IIP, Natal, Brazil
    Condensed matter and Machine learning