The group research focuses on the dynamics of ultracold quantum systems. Here we give a list of topics that we are currently interested in:

  1. Strongly interacting long range systems (Rydberg, dipolar atoms, polar molecules);
  2. Entanglement and Quantum metrology with ultracold atoms;
  3. Semiclassical dynamics via Boltzmann equation;
  4. Dynamics of quantum spin models.

Scientific collaborations

  • Prof. Immanuel Bloch - MPQ, Garching, Germany
    Experimental quantum many-body physics
  • Prof. Antoine Browaeys - Laboratoire Charles Fabry, Palaiseaux, France
    Experimental physics on Rydberg atoms
  • Dr. Fabio Cinti - NITheP, Stellenbosch, South Africa
    Quantum Monte Carlo
  • Prof. Marco Giampaolo - Ruđer Bošković Institute, Zagreb, Croatia
    Ultracold atoms, Quantum information, Quantum spin chains
  • Prof. Márcio Miranda - UFPE, Recife, Brazil
    Experimental AMO physics
  • Prof. Cristiane Morais Smith - Utretch University, Netherlands
    Quantum simulation, Ultracold atoms
  • Prof. Leandro Nascimento - UFPA, Belém, Brazil
    Quantum simulation, Quantum field theory
  • Prof. Thomas Pohl - MPI-PKS, Dresden, Germany
    Rydberg atoms
  • Prof. Guido Pupillo - ISIS, Strasbourg, France
    Rydberg atoms, Quantum simulation
  • Prof. Luca Salasnich - UniPd, Padova, Italy
    Ultracold atoms, Dipolar systems
  • Prof. Prof. Van Sérgio da Silva Alves - UFPA, Belém, Brazil
    Quantum field theory
  • Prof. Augusto Smerzi - QSTAR, Florence, Italy
    Entanglement, Quantum interferometry
  • Dr. Andrea Trombettoni - CNR, Trieste, Italy
    Ultracold atoms, Quantum simulation

Local collaborations

  • Prof. Askery Canabarro - IIP, Natal, Brazil
    Condensed matter and Machine learning
  • Dr. Luciano Casarini - IIP, Natal, Brazil
    Numerical methods and Machine learning
  • Prof. Sergio Rodriguez Perez - ECT-UFRN, Natal, Brazil
    Quantum transport and entanglement
  • Prof. Pasquale Sodano - IIP, Natal, Brazil
    Quantum field theory, Quantum information